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In Case You Were Wondering What We Have Been Up To

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What a difference a year makes! 

It’s hard to believe that just around last Mother’s Day my family and I were closing escrow on a sweet little haven located one block from my mom. We weren’t planning on moving but that is what makes miracles so miraculous. You just can’t plan them.

It started when I made a comment to my mom, “Wouldn’t it be great if we lived closer.” The next thing I know, my dad and her have found a house around the corner from them – in fact, the sign had just been put up that afternoon! Well, we placed an offer, and moved in with my parents to wait for escrow to close.

Yep, that’s right, my wonderful husband, two sweet kids, myself and the menagerie of pets, art supplies, sports equipment, flotsam and jetsam moved in – for four months. Nope, we weren’t planning on buying another home, and I never thought I would be living with my parents. It had been 22 years since I flew to coop, but to help us make this happen my parents opened their home to us, and after 4 months we had learned some self-evident truths:

  1. My parents really do love us unconditionally
  2. My husband really can live anywhere and enjoy it
  3. Our kids really don’t care where they live as long as we’re together as a family
  4. I really would be the first person voted off the island on Survivor

Short sales are anything but that, and for me waiting for escrow to close was difficult. There’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of hurry up and wait, and a lot of uncertainties. Our realtor, Sylvia Litwin, really did a great job keeping escrow moving, and ultimately closing the deal.

ArtDivas in the House!

I don’t know who was more excited the day we closed escrow. Right away mom and I proceeded to put our stamp on the place. With the help of my husband and dad, we ripped out the flooring, removed walls, cabinets, prepped and washed every surface and repainted the entire home and attached art studio. Some of the projects were a lot of fun, such as creating a great center island for the kitchen with a weathered barn wood look. Others were not, such as deciding to forgo traditional flooring and instead acid staining the concrete for a great artistic effect. While the results turned out awesome, having to grind the entire home with a floor grinder and hand held grinder was back breaking, and the process took three days longer than I had planned.

It’s interesting how that all now seems like a blur. Living and working so close to my mom has been an incredible blessing. There is always something great happening with our business, only now instead of time in the car driving between our studios, it is a quick hop on my bike. Outside of work, we love how the family can get together for impromptu sunset cocktails, the kids love dropping in on Grammy and Papa Tom for pancakes and bacon Saturday mornings, and you never know when my parents will stop by our back fence with Smarty and Cowboy (their two quarterhorses) so the kids can feed them carrots.

We are excited for this next chapter, and can’t wait to share all the new inspired art that comes from it!

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